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Isn't this the point of cryonics? Freeze just after death before all the organs and most importantly the brain have not decayed to the point where they can never be repaired? See TNG 'the neutral zone', in that episode three people die of cancer or heart disease and are frozen just after death so they can potentially be revived in the future. As long as the brain is intact it can be done, so we have to assume Kirk was frozen within six minutes of death before the brain is damaged beyond repair.

I believe there are one or two companies today that offer this service.
Hmmm ... you have a point there with "The Neutral Zone". I was thinking that the augments had been frozen when they were still alive - which is probably true - but Bones must have been aware of the fact that you can freeze people shortly after their death and unfreeze them when you have a cure.

On the other hand, wouldn't the radiation cause even more damage during the time the body is being frozen? You can freeze cancer along with the body, but the radiation will continue damaging the body. Maybe to a point where no augment blood can repair it?
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