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Re: Voyager fanfics and creations

I have 40 fiction, poetry, and filksong (popular tunes rewritten with fannish lyrics) entries over at, 30 of them based on VOY. If you stop by, it'll quickly become apparent that my favorite character is Chakotay, with Janeway and Paris also popping up often.

It would be fair to warn you that I'm shippy-eclectic. The ship I have the most stories about is J/C, which I was in love with for a long while -- but I have almost as many anti-J/Cs. ('Sokay, they're all clearly marked! ) There are also C/Ts, C/Ps, some J/Ps, a C/7 or two, and a J/7. And there are even a few with no ships at all.

Stylewise, I run the gamut from light romance to heavy angst.

If you like your Trek to be something you can sing along with, you might want to check out "Songs of Voyager," "Chakotay's Love Song," and "A Maquis Ballad."

There's also a scattering of entries on other Treks, including two TNGs, a DS9, and a couple ENTs. (If you've seen the ENT episode "The Cogenitor," please take a gander at my "The Cogenitor's Tale" -- I think it's one of my all-time best stories.)

Brennyren's fanfic


Edited to add: WTF? I can't make the link work from here. Okay....if you wanna take a look at my fic, just pop over to and search "Brenda Shaffer Shiring." That's me.
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