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Question...spoiler alert...... Why does McCoy decide he needs Khans blood when there are 72 other survivors of the Botany Bay onboard ship? Infact when McCoy asks for a cryo tube I assumed at the time that he was going to harvest another augments blood. I think it was a mistake, one of many, by the script writers. They now want us to believe that only Khans blood was special and it was different to the others. A line stating 'I tested the other augments blood and it did not have regenerative properties' would have been nice. Have I fell into the nitpicking trap or should I simply overlook this? I could say the same about many other points of the script but I am starting with this

I think another script writer from the TNG or movie era could do a much better job of a nuTrek movie, hell even Brannon Braga could write a better movie that is more reverant to the source material.

ST09 did not bother me but I found STID did annoy me frequently during the movie.... Not sure why ATM!
Two things. Do we know how long it actually takes to revive someone from cryosleep? Maybe McCoy didn't think they could wait that long. And also, why risk waking up another Augment? You've seen what just one can do, might as well try to take him alive rather then risk there being 2 to deal with.
I think McCoy got the cryo tube to preserve Kirk in readiness for the transfusion? If so they could wait hours even years to get the blood because he is in suspended animation, long enough to get some blood from mr augment.
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