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Batman uses the Joker repeatedly. Superman uses Luthor, and Zod, and retells the origin again.

Star Trek fans say "Star Trek is different because..." but I don't think that Paramount sees Star Trek as all that different from other big franchises with some history behind them - the very fact that they got behind the idea of starting over suggests this.

Fans envision Trek as a kind of surrogate reality in which they get to see a future world that's continually growing (although in practice it doesn't grow much and hasn't introduced much that's truly new since the original series ended). The studio's not trying to service that aspect of the fan base. The job of the folks assigned to create these blockbuster films isn't to expand Trek but to treat it as other franchises are successfully treated: collect those characters and those aspects of the familiar stories that they think are most resonant with and recognized by the public and put an extravagant new spin on them.

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