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Question...spoiler alert...... Why does McCoy decide he needs Khans blood when there are 72 other survivors of the Botany Bay onboard ship? Infact when McCoy asks for a cryo tube I assumed at the time that he was going to harvest another augments blood. I think it was a mistake, one of many, by the script writers. They now want us to believe that only Khans blood was special and it was different to the others. A line stating 'I tested the other augments blood and it did not have regenerative properties' would have been nice. Have I fell into the nitpicking trap or should I simply overlook this? I could say the same about many other points of the script but I am starting with this

I think another script writer from the TNG or movie era could do a much better job of a nuTrek movie, hell even Brannon Braga could write a better movie that is more reverant to the source material.

ST09 did not bother me but I found STID did annoy me frequently during the movie.... Not sure why ATM!
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