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Re: Person of Interest Season 2

That was a fantastic season finale, and really almost movie worthy in many respects. Hell, it's better than movie worthy if that movie is Eagle Eye, which essentially is what this show is but with the film being not nearly as good, and with everything in society being even more ridiculously automated than it is even in PoI.

Batman Jesus playing straight man to Shaw at the Ferrari was funny and hopefully will be a frequently recurring aspect of the show in the future, as I think they make a great team. Plus, I love Sarah Shahi and would be delighted to see her get a bigger recurring role on a show I enjoy, since the last one was the great show Life, which she starred in.

The explanation of what happened to Finch's friend and how Finch was hobbled was indeed predictable but still handled well. The explanation behind the virus, the code, and how the sleight of hand with the location of the Machine was very good, though it was disappointing not to catch a glimpse of Machine. It must be immense though given the size of the room it was being housed in and the massive power requirements.

I loved when the Machine started calling out approaching bad guys and the different ways in which Root and Reese wanted the information delivered. Reese went with the standard "1-12 o'clock" approach without alteration befitting his military background and lack of innovation, while Root played with the system immediately and went with a more advanced method befitting her rogue hacker background. Indeed, the "God Mode" would be incredibly handy. I had no idea Harold was that intimately involved with the Machine every minute of every hour of every day. I thought he would get his marching orders occasionally with the numbers and have a few interactions, not that it would tell him when to move and where to go all the time. That certainly makes things more interesting and makes you wonder who was really the Admin (metaphorically speaking, not literally): Finch or the Machine itself.

I agree that Root being allowed to walk around freely and have access to communications seemed highly implausible given all that she had done.

I like the bit with Carter saving Elias (and how it mirrored the attempted assassination of him as a young man) and the fact that they've kept up with him even when he is not part of the central plot to the story, and even made him a distrusted but still useful ally of sorts.

I'd give that finale an "A." I hope they keep up with the scifi aspects of the show and allow it to have a greater presence. I'll gladly sacrifice a few of the more boring number of the week stories for this more grand narrative.
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