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Re: Feeling dejected *spoilers*

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I'm feeling dejected after watching the new movie yesterday, so had to come spew some thoughts. Because I have a feeling of disappointment.

I'm trying to work out where my mood changed. I was enjoying the movie SO frigging much. Then it jumped the shark, and I found my interest and excitement waned. And it came at the moment... where he says he's Khan.

I did cringe when it happened, but it seems that's when I started to switch off. I'm not sure why I'm so against it... other than we've been hearing it for two years. It's just such old news, and they've denied it again and again (Simon Pegg: "Itís not Khan. Thatís a myth."). So this doesn't feel like a surprise, it feels like a trick. And it feels like an OLD trick, something we've heard about for years.

Then it just got more and more jump the sharky (if that's possible). Kirk 'dying', you know he won't die and they set up the tribble thing earlier clearly so no drama there. The old Spock dear god no... that was the worst point. It added NOTHING. We've launched the new Trek, no need for him there - and it's possibly the worst instance of deus ex machina I've seen.

And there were so many tears it was like an One Tree Hill episode.

But I don't known why they needed to do Khan. He could have been someone else. Cumberbatch is nothing like the old Khan and didn't try to be. Today I was thinking I wish he was another character. And wouldn't it have been cool if, in the pull back of 'caskets' at the end, they had a CGI-ed up 'old Khan' in one of them? i.e. same group, but this course of history someone else came out of the tube? Then they can have their cake and eat it. I just don't get the point of having Khan.

Stupid decisions like old Spock aside, I feel my major disappointment was this wasn't new. I have waited FOUR years for new Trek, I want new... yet we got more old characters, and not only that one that has been rumoured for seemingly ages.

So that leaves me feeling disappointed. They could have thrown off the shackles and done something fresh.
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