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Re: Person of Interest Season 2

Random observations:

--Shaw's reaction to the Ferrari in storage and giving John the gun was downright hilarious. As for that Ferrari being a Batmobile of sorts, it stands out a little too much amidst the normal cars in NYC, methinks.

--About Shaw not killing Root, I guess hanging out with John has made her a softie. That's the only way I can explain that aside from the writers wanting to keep Root around to engage in future havoc.

--The reveal with how Ingraham was killed and Finch got injured was about as predictable as it could be but was still very well executed, adding another layer of depth to Finch. The scene with Finch's fiance freaking out looking for him among the survivors was gut-wrenching.

--I thought the Machnie was in one specific location, and that it was moved over a few weeks to a new location.

--How did they manage to not put Root away in a higher security setting? Even if she does make some valid points, she's not all there and clearly a danger to society. It looked like she was wandering around a mental hospital freely, judging from the other patients who looked like they were zoned out on meds.

Great season finale, overall. I'm kind of glad we didn't get another cliffhanger as those become increasingly hard to top each season without getting into the ridiculous. The episode did wrap things up surprisingly tidily but left some loose ends that will surely become next season's major plot points (HR and Elias/Carter, Root, the Bigger Bad woman in the limo). I hope CBS lets the producers and writers continue to do their thing and don't move the show in a more boring procedural direction.
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