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Re: Survivor 26: Fans vs Favorites Discussion

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Is Eddie the biggest nothing to ever play this game? Whoever cast him should be fired.
The entire Thailand cast.

I would feel worse for Brenda if she wasn't already plotting against Cochran, and if it wasn't a good idea.

Still heavily rooting for Cochran, but I actually think Erik is playing an incredible game. His strategy is simple: Be the swing vote all the time, and make the obviously smart choice.

Dawn's strategy is also simple: Whatever anyone confides in her, go straight to Cochran and do what he says.

And I think Cochran can win votes so long as he goes to the questions as a Rob and not a Russell. Russell didn't lose his votes because he betrayed people, he lost them because he was a dick to everyone all the time and had a constant air of superiority and entitlement. Rob was just as treacherous, only he was friendly to people and used his questions to make the jury feel good about themselves and feel in control.
Good points about the final tribal council and jury questions. I think that Cochran has a very good shot at winning because he is a good speaker. I mean, just look at what he says during tribal councils. Jeff has been asking much more probing questions lately, and a lot of survivors make the mistake of revealing too much or too little with their answers. Cochran is always extremely diplomatic in his responses, taking the focus off of himself and onto the game in general. He is able to generalize it in a way that makes everyone, even enemies, agree and nod their heads in approval. That takes skill, and I think it will serve him well in the final tribal council, along with the fact that he takes personal emotions out of it and is not condescending.
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