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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Huzzah! After a long week's wait we're back with Smallville: Season 11 #46 Valkyrie Part III and man was the wait worth it!

Nothing in this universe will ever make me like Lana Lang! Not even the brilliant writer Bryan Q. Miller however...! I do like what he's doing with the character.

What is he doing with her? Is he writing her as she "should" have been written on the television show as my good friend Admiral Young thought he would?


Rather than redefining Lana he deconstructs her. Calls her out. But he does it in a subtle manner. It's not like he has Lois point out each and every selfish little thing she did over the course of the series. That would have been as subtle as a sledgehammer to the happy sack. Instead he has Lana do it herself through her choice of words.

"I" is the most commonly used word in the English language. Lana uses the word an uncommon amount in this issue. She's constantly talking about herself. When she mentions Clark it's only in relation to herself. When she talks about her good actions in Africa it doesn't come across as an act of selflessness. It's all about her, her, her.

She contrasts nicely with Clark whose arc in the series was overcoming selfishness and pettiness and learning to put the good of the world ahead of himself and his problems. Clark became Superman when he realized it wasn't all about him. It was about the big picture.

Lana however is a world unto herself. She treats Africa like her personal Fortress of Solitude where she can sit and pine and hold pity parties for herself while pining away for Clark over her Superman scrapbook. Personally I'm amazed she hasn't transported the Tallon over from Smallville so that she can create the ultimate monument to her narcissism.

Lois on the other hand comes across quite well in this issue. She's sensitive to Lana's feelings, hiding her engagement ring from her and trying to avoid the subject of Clark. She stands up to Metallo when he shows up, helping Lana to protect the helpless children and eventually defending Lana herself.

Lois was great. Everything that a heroine should be in this issue. Everything that Lana Lang pretends to be. Lois Lane is as she always was.

A worthy mate for Superman.

Was there a cliffhanger in this issue? Yes, indeed there was. And it was better than last weeks cliffhanger. What happened? Read it yourself. All I will say is...

Lana Lang is in some seriously deep shee-it! Damn you Miller! Damn you for making me wait...

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn yoooooooooooooooooou!
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