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Re: Build Your Own Publishing Schedule- 2014 Edition

Sure, why not?

JAN: TOS novel set during the 5-year mission
FEB: TMP-era TOS novel
MAR: Captain Pike-era TOS novel
APR: Lost Era featuring Enterprise-B under Demora Sulu's command
MAY: Lost Era featuring Enterprise-C
JUN: Stargazer novel (featuring its first deep space exploration assignment post-Maker)
JULY: DS9-R novel
AUG: TNG novel set during the original series
SEPT: Titan
OCT: TNG-R / Second Decade
DEC: ENT / Rise of the Federation

ETA: I'd also launch a new monthly eBook novella series, a la Corps of Engineer, featuring either the Stargazer or another original crew. Hey, it's my dream schedule...
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