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All four of the performances I liked advanced, and three of them by popular vote. (Michelle Chamuel, Judith Hill, Garett Gardner, Sasha Allen).

But I'm befuddled by Amber Carrington and Danielle Bradbery being the two highest selling on iTunes. They were two of the blandest performances to my ears.
Yeah, I don't really understand it either. As I said before, with Danielle Bradbery I think it might be more about song choice. I really love the song she performed and now I've gone back and listened to the original, even though I didn't think her performance of it was necessarily the most amazing. Amber Carrington I don't get at all, as I'm sure you could tell from my comments earlier in the thread about her. I don't even remember what song she sang. She's just so dang forgettable.

I also think that the four you pointed out are definitely my favorites to win, and I think have a very good shot at making it far. I'm not sure why Garett Gardner wasn't saved by the vote though, I thought he was very good and he has that "bad boy" look to him that teenage girls seem to love. Oh well, hopefully he has a better song choice next time.

And I love how for every performance this past week the coaches basically said the same thing, "I chose a song that will show their soft, intimate side." They all wanted to show us "a different side" to their singers. That's great, except when it becomes every performance.

I can't believe the other coaches hadn't heard the song Fishin' in the Dark. I don't even listen to much country and I have known that song my whole life. I can sing all of the lyrics and I don't even know how or when I learned them.

By the way, I still don't understand Usher's attachment to Josiah. The dude is boring and always has a smug look on his face. I understand why he made it this far but I wouldn't have saved him. Usher seems to think he will be a hit somehow. The guy has some great skill for finding talent, but I'm not seeing it in that one.
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