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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Spirit Walk Book One

Artificially split into two parts to rake in twice the profit, this book is insulting. Nothing happens for the entirety of the novel. Some characters are shoehorned on with hardly any backstory and we are supposed to just accept them as part of Voyager's crew. Tom and B'Elanna spend some time in the caves of Boreth where nothing happens. Chakotay leads a delegation to a planet while nothing happens on board. The Trill doctor has a past host give him some problems... but nothing happens. Harry's girlfriend Libby is looking for a mole that's leaking information, but nothing happens. Seven of Nine and the Doctor are in a think tank.... but (you guessed it) nothing happens. They made sure to get a good cliffhanger in the last 5 pages though. It's no wonder the relaunch almost died with this book.
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