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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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^The "78 decks" thing was added at Shatner's insistece, over the objections of the producers.
But... but... the people who MADE THE MOVIE said 78 decks! Who are you to argue with Shatner? It's his movie! The arrogance of some fanboys is staggering!

Besides, if you don't trust Shatner on the 78 decks (which of course is ridiculous -- the Enterprise is not that big), why should you trust him on the accuracy of the shuttle bay layout (which was just a recycled TNG set rented on the cheap)?

Wrong again, I'm afraid. You might want to learn about perspective
Says the guy who claims the windows on the rim of the saucer are the same size as the bridge one, because they look the same in a picture (even though the bridge window is at least 50m away from the saucer edge).

- the shuttle is the size of the "C-" as it flies over the rim of the bay, directly over the camera
No, sorry. I advanced it frame by frame as the shuttle emerged from the bay. It's above the lettering, so there are two possibilities:

1. It's directly over the rim, in which case its size matches precisely to the letter spacing (which spanned C-17).

2. It was further up, in which case the lettering would look BIGGER than the shuttle (see "perspective"). So, even if the shuttle only spanned the "C-", as you claim, it would actually be bigger because it's further away from the camera.
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