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Re: Star Trek: Into Darkness Discussion [**NO SPOILERS PLEASE**]

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One viewing may not be enough to make up your mind.
The movie has a lot of things to take in and once you managed to process it you may want to see it again to make sure your opinion is valid.
LOL, nice try, greedy producers.
Actually, the number of films that benefit from repeat viewings is at least in the hundreds, likely in the thousands. Rare is the viewer, even the most seasoned and well-versed, who catches everything of note in every film on a first screening (and those who claim such are bullshitters). The same applies to novels, poetry, plays, comics, music, works of fine artů

I cannot claim that the new Trek movie fits this category (haven't seen it yet) but the idea that more than one viewing might be needed of a film to make an informed judgement of it is certainly valid.
It might be diffeent if you are already heavily spoilered on the story and characters.
But I was completely unprepared.
All my knowledge of of it consisted of the trailers (which were designed to be misleading themselves) and the appearance of some John Harrison played by Benedict Cumberbatch.
So it was pretty much a rollercoaster ride without knowing the turns and loops and you miss the view if you ride it that way.
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