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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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No it's not. You've tried, and many others have tried, but your points don't stand up to the evidence.
The "evidence": when taking off for the Narada, Pike's shuttle swoops over the lip of the stern. It stretches between the "C-17" on the back. If you assume the shuttle is between 3.5m-4m across, you get the width of the shuttle bay door is between 15-20m across. Scaling everything else gives a ship length of between 300-400m, and height of about 60-70m.

So, the ONLY "evidence" that the ship is some ludicrous 750m is the ONE scene of shuttles landing in a ginormous shuttle bay -- something which is never seen again in the whole movie.

Verdict: ship is between 300-400m long.

As Scotty would say: up your shaft.
Wrong again, I'm afraid. You might want to learn about perspective - the shuttle is the size of the "C-" as it flies over the rim of the bay, directly over the camera - exactly the size they are during the earlier scene. The camera was just a lot further away in the prior scene. See the size of the registry numbers in the two scenes.

We also see the huge bay as Pike, Kirk, Sulu and Olsen board the shuttle, and as it leaves the bay through the cockpit window - hardly "only once". The enourmous shuttlebay is featured prominenty in Star Trek Into Darkness.
Did I mention the doors on either side ofthr shuttlebay? Keenser wouldn't fit through them on a 350m Enterprise.

Once again I have to say, they are not hiding a secret smaller Enterprise in there for "true believers" to find.
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