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Re: Is everything before the destruction of the kelvin exactly the sam

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^ Incorrect. Tasha and the Ent-C travelled into the past of the *same* timeline. But since the Ent-C's sacrifice was already a part of history, they didn't create an alternate timeline; merely fulfilled the existing one.
That's not quite right, either. A better description is that Tasha traveled into her own past and then influenced events to become the normal TNG timeline.

But all that's moot. Just because time travel worked one way in one episode, or even in many episodes, it doesn't follow that it must work the same way in every episode.

Consider The City on the Edge of Forever versus Yesteryear. Both use the same Guardian of Forever. In City, time is restored to its proper shape. But in Yy, everything is the same, except a pet dies, so apparently it's not quite the same timeline in the end. One could argue that different parameters in effect caused the differences in how time was fixed, and I'd agree in principle that that notion is fine.

Then there's the red-headed stepchild of TOS time travel: All Our Yesterdays. I've seen fans dismiss the regression that Spock begins to undergo as absurd. I, on the other hand, consider it a breath of fresh air, because of its originality. Again "different parameters", in this case in the however the Atavachron works, versus other methods of time travel, suffice to "explain things".

(Nero and Spock Prime, on the other hand, created a branching timeline, since their actions were not a part of history.)
How do you know that "different parameters" don't exist in the case under discussion? You don't. You all are trying to tie the hands of hypothetical authors to conform to the limitations that you consider to have force. The actual authors of future episodes might not consider themselves constrained by such limitations; perhaps they have something to say that in their view requires the introduction of "different parameters". Maybe Red Matter has weird properties.

Who knows? Perhaps all the differences in the JJverse are due to an interconnected web of temporal-mechanical influences crisscrossing back and forth throughout the Prime universe that becomes unraveled when Nero's lightening storm opens up.
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