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Re: Jem'Hadar Strength

Artim the kid: "Don't you ever get tired?"
Data: "My power cells continually recharge themselves."
That one, from Insurrection, is the one relevant bit on how Data keeps on going. It may be a simplification for children, but it's probably not an outright lie (even thought Data often uses those, too). "Continually" can suggest either continuous or repeated recharging, but IMHO it does not suggest the sort of operations where the charge slowly dwindles for 200 years.

BTW, the only Trek character who would have a chance against Data in hand to hand is Odo.
...But give the opponent a metal spear and Data is toast ("Thine Own Self").

Going by TNG Season 1, Data has eye sight near Geordi levels, but not quite as well.
Curious - which S1 event are you referring to?

Even back then, Data tended to use a flashlight (which LaForge only took on to using in the later seasons). In "Hide and Q", it's LaForge doing the superhuman seeing, while Data doesn't appear to be able to follow:

Riker: "Geordi, can you see Worf?"
LaForge: "I'd see the freckles on his nose if he had them, Sir. He's at the third ridge."
Data: "The third ridge?"
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