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Re: All right, all you JJ-haters! Put your money where your mouth is!

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Star Trek is a different beast altogether. Kirk, Spock, McCoy are the iconic characters of Star Trek. As fans we may like all the others too but they all stand in the shadows of those original characters.
I think if you can't get away from having to have Kirk, Spock, McCoy, then Trek should not continue.
I disagree. But then, I'm a huge Bond fan and have no issues with recasting, rebooting or whatever.

There's a HUGE universe in Trek, but to keep going back to the well and endlessly recast/remake/reimagine/recycle those three like they are comic book icons is pathetically uncreative.
The bigger that universe got, the less appealing it became to the general audience. That's fine--not everything has to have mass appeal. But without broad appeal, the best that can be hoped for with a franchise like this is what actually exists--niche productions (almost all books) that can explore that "HUGE universe".

Obviously it takes a lot of work to come up with new characters that can match the popularity of the originals, but darn it, why can't writers exert a little effort??? Someone had to conceive of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy in the first place. It didn't just spawn out of the ether. You just get cracking and come up with something new.
So go ahead (directed at the general "you"--not an individual). But why not go all the way and do something not related to Trek at all? If it is part of Trek--in any "universe"--it is, by definition, not "new" in its entirety. It seems very difficult for people to grasp or accept that, outside Kirk and Spock (and, to a lesser degree, McCoy et al.), the rest of the "HUGE universe" is NOT an integral part of popular culture. Star Trek = Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise. That's its core list of characters (yes, the ship is more important, in that sense, than any other character except Kirk and Spock).

You seem to want Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (which is a great play) rather than another take on Hamlet. That's fine. But the printed form is the way to go. No one will finance such a production for the foreseeable future. Is that sad? To some perhaps. But not to everyone.

So if I were to be put in charge of Star Trek, I'd definitely maintain the focus on Kirk and Spock. What specific story would I tell? Don't have one on hand (not my line of work, really). But if ever I do get a story idea, I'll try and share it.
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