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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
His goal was to take over his arch-nemesis
I think Norman would debate that point and by debate I mean torture him to death for even thinking he was better than him.

Seriously I'm pretty sure Doc Ock lost nemesis privileges when Norman killed Parker's girlfriend and found out who he was, this was further proven when he set up the whole Clone Saga (which was pretty damned evil). Otto's never really steeped up his game enough to qualify.

and finally destroy him.
Meh, that never sticks in comics.

He could have taken over anyone's body theoretically
Like someone's who's life doesn't suck.

Out of curiosity are you reading any other Marvel books...obviously you don't like Superior Spider-Man.
Not really I'm finding most of their ideas kind of Meh.

Mr Light wrote: View Post
Peter in limbo just gave me an idea; Doctor Strange is going to discover Peter's soul in the afterlife and bring it back to his body.
Or Otto switches back after Norman finds out what he's done and beats him half to death with a crowbar. Because lets face it Norman will not be a happy camper when and if he finds out.
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