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3D is going to remain something seen through a glass pretty darn darkly...
Well, I accidentally left home wearing prescription sunglasses on a really hot afternoon when ST VI had an invitation-only sneak preview. No chance to return home, so saw the whole thing through tinted lenses. Without really noticing a difference.

But honestly, would a 2D STiD have an even brighter bridge and corridors than in 3D?
Isn't the simplest explanation that the slight darkening cause by the glasses is compensated by a slightly brighter projected image? )
Feel free to do your own homework on this. There is plenty of information online that is reliable as to what projectors put out and that the glasses are only a factor in all this, not the main issue. Xenon sources will be more of a factor in compensating, but then you're still sacrificing image quality in the form of contrast, just getting a brighter less detailed image.
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