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Re: All right, all you JJ-haters! Put your money where your mouth is!

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Paramount has just hired you, due to your intense hatred of lens flares and JJ Abrams decision making, to replace JJ Abrams as head of the new Star Trek to follow Into Darkness.

You are free to reboot the series with whomever you feel is fit to play the roles of Kirk and Spock, or you can stick with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. But, Paramount wants you to post your casting ideas along with your plot synopsis.

Let's hear it! You're sick of Abrams, Kurtzman, Orci and Lindelof, let's hear YOUR ideas! You claim you can do better, Paramount is listening! Don't be shy!
I would deny the offer, unless I could do something more creative than a TOS reboot with a lot of TWOK references, or could do another project after it to wash my sins off.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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