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XO Position Posting

Position: Executive Officer

Vessel: USS Washington – Sovereign Class starship under the command of Captain Danen Lrunin. Vessel is based out of Starbase 25, Far Point Fleet.

Position Details: Duties of the XO include but are not limited to:
• Support of the ship’s captain in all matters pertaining to the smooth running of the vessel.
• Acting as a liaison between the ship’s crew and the captain.
• Maintaining the ship’s website in the form of crew updates and upkeep of website news sections.
• Guiding the ship’s storyline whether or not the captain is absent.
• Encouraging other crew members to post.
• Assisting the captain in the composition of the ship’s monthly posting totals and/or newsletter for inclusion in the fleet’s newsletter.
• Assisting the captain in recruitment.

Position Requirements: All candidates applying for this position should have/will be:

• Excellent mechanical (grammar, spelling) and compositional (overall writing ability) writing skills.
• Minimum of 3 months simming experience (preferably in FPF but not necessary).
• Able to answer email and IMs from crew members on a regular basis.
• Able to write mission kickoffs and conclusions in the captain’s absence.
• Able to step in and assume command for extended periods in the captain’s absence.
• Able to make a commitment of at least 6 months to the position to which they are applying.
• Able to make decisions to resolve crew disputes without input from the ship’s captain (whether or not the captain grants this authority).
• Able to serve as a clear example of what other crew members should aspire to.
• Candidate must have approval from his or her commanding officer.

Contact Information: Interested applicants should include all of the following in their

• Captain Danen Lrunin (
• Fleet Admiral James “Rook” Mirtoh (
• Captain Shyloe Townsend (
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