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Re: Feeling dejected *spoilers*

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I was expecting London to be obliterated, nothing but ruins and scorched earth as we saw on the poster. Instead we get a building blown up and what, 44 people? died.

I was expecting the whole WORLD threatened, you think your world is safe? It is an illusion. We didn't even get that line much less any reality.

I was expecting "love will be challenged", instead we got a spat.

I was expecting "friendships will be torn apart", instead we got Scotty having a moral qualm.

There was a lot of bullshit in the hype
I posted something similar in the big spoiler thread. I guess the lack of any the stuff you've quoted above is what's making me feel so disappointed. Pretty much everything we had been promised didn't happen. Where was the Darkness in this movie? I had really hoped for some dramatic things to happen, like one of the crew turning bad or something. But I guess they just don't have the balls to do something like that.
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