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Re: Feeling dejected *spoilers*

The whole Enterprise in the trailers/posters things, for some reason I never thought that was Enterprise. I just assumed it was some other ship. It's not uncommon to have Starfleet vessels very similar so thought it was just trickery.

I was annoyed that London was in flames in the posters, yet clearly wasn't in the movie. Aside from that little bomb thing. Because that was a lie - the Gherkin was never on fire.

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But the main reason why I felt dejected was because at the end when the Enterprise embarked on her five year mission...I really want to see that five year mission! Two hours every three years isn't enough.
Yeah, that's part of the feeling... had two hours of recycled stuff, but I want new stuff. I loved the cast - it's a shame there can never be a TV series with them, as I'd love to just watch them slow the place and go explore and do Trek things. The movies make space feel BIG - and Kronos was a blast for me because even though it was arguably recycling I wanted to see what it looked like with budget.

I loved the opening intro sequence with the alien civilisation, as it just felt different and fresh too.

That's something I can't really fault the movie with, making me want more Trek... but it is playing into my emotions.
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