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Re: The Roddenberry Reputation

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and I find his work in SAREK and GEN to be painful to watch and almost as lacking in credibility as his tantrum in FC. FAMILY works, barely. Even though Frakes seemed almost like an amateur in the cast 1st season, in later years his quiet effective emotional moments, like the scene aboard the BoP in the mess hall 2nd season, and especially with Data at the end of LEGACY (probably the best moment in the series for me), trump everything Stewart did on Trek. And Yeah, I'm definitely one of those guys who would have been very happy to have seen TNG with Riker as Captain 4th season.
I do agree that Frakes' work as Riker is woefully underrated. I think he did some fantastic stuff with the character, and is good both as an actor and a director.

That being said, I can't help but disagree with you about Patrick Stewart and the power of his performances. While I did dislike the Generations material, it wasn't due to his performance, but rather the fact that I thought it was out of place and unnecessary in the film. I thought his work in Sarek and Family, both, was extremely well done.

I'm curious, though... What did you think of his work in "Chain of Command"? I consider that Stewart's best performance of his entire Trek career.
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