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I agree, the madness may not have been something the regenerating blood could fix.

Maybe the regenerating blood is even the cause of Khan's madness.. and what will this mean for James Kirk?
That's exactly what I was thinking at the end of the movie. It would make for an interesting STXIII.
I think it was more his live on Ceti Alpha V made Khan the vengeful madman we saw in TWOK. I'm sure it had nothing to do with his blood.

Or did you mean nuKhan? I don't think he was exactly mad, either. But it would make for an interesting story if they followed up on that in the next movie.

Speaking of a follow up: Is it just me or did the scene with Khan and his augments in the cryochambers near the end of the movie just scream for a tv series to continue their story?
I think Khan showed plenty of madness at the end, trying to aim the falling Vengeance at Starfleet HQ, and in what we were told of his backstory (goals including the extermination of those not genetically enhanced).

My thought was Kirk going insane, a la the other captains in TOS, no doubt culminating in an "Amok Time" style fight with Spock...
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