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Star Trek VI: Valeris gets away with murder?

Re-watching Star Trek VI recently I noticed something that really bothered me. At the end of the film Dr. McCoy says that they are not going to prosecute. Uhura says "They might as well have prosecuted me. I felt like Lieutenant Valeris."

Valeris killed two crewman, was going to kill Spock possibly in Sick Bay and conspired to kill the Klingon Chancellor and his successor. I am sorry but what the hell? How can she get off for murder and conspiracy? Am I missing something here?

As a side note, in the final draft script when Saavik was still the turncoat, they make it clear that she was arrested.

UHURA They might as well arrest me, too; I felt like Lieutenant Saavik.

SPOCK (pointed) But you didn't join a conspiracy.

BONES (half for Spock) They don't arrest people for having feelings.

CHEKOV If they did we'd all have to turn ourselves in. How CAN we rely on them?
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