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If they know Khan's blood can resurrect the dead do you think they'll just revive Khan every so often to bleed him and resurrect a few people. Or will it go the way of kironide, the cloaking device Kirk and Spock stole, the Organians - revolutionary discoveries that disappeared after each episode.
And it makes you wonder if Khan tried to revive his wife after she'd been killed by Ceti Eels.

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It just makes it seem like the writers can't come up with iconic phrases on their own.
"Punch it!"

Honestly, if Orci & Kurtzman avoided all TOS catchphrases, people would say, "They missed a perfect opportunity to throw in some TOS catchphrases here."
Yeah, Chewie, punch it! One of the really original catchphrases of Star Trek 2009.
Stargate also punched it.

Space is full of punching!

"Damnit Spock. God damnit!" Kirk ST:V
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