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Re: Ryva Takes On Enterprise (Again)

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Of course in a real world, Archer probably would've been relieved after P'Jem. That sort of thing sorta happens when you go out of your way to make your biggest ally mad.
I don't think so. The pre-enlightenment Vulcans are imperial dicks and Archer was totally right to let the Andorians destroy the surveillance facility in P'Jem.
About the episode, it its not as good as the previous or the following Andorian-Vulcan story but I take a weak forming of the UFP story over an average ENT episode any day.

Ryva Brall wrote: View Post
Yeah... I kind of feel like Enterprise is Star Trek for Dummies. Compared to the other series, this one seems decidedly low-brow; like it's catering to a dumber-than-average audience whose interest is only held by fisticuffs and boobs. I don't need every episode of Trek to be deep, philosophical stuff, but I don't appreciate shows that treat their viewers like idiots, or that assume they won't catch things like lazy writing or blatant attempts at titillation.

Granted, most of television seems to be headed this way. But somehow, I expect better from Trek. They should know that their viewers are smarter than that.
When the show was about deep philosophical stuff like in Dear Doctor you seemingly did not appreciate it.
About boobs, have you ever seen TOS? T'Pol's or Seven's catsuits are nothing compared to Theiss wear and Roddenberryian sexploitation.
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