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I never really had a problem with the genocide side of the destroy ending. TBH I don't really see it as genocide at all, it's a sacrifice that you make. Both EDI and the Geth knew the score when they allied themselves to you. EDI even states in-game that she'd die to stop the Reapers if necessary. Consequently, although I'd have preferred not to have had to sacrifice them, I still felt that it was the lesser evil of the proposed choices.

Synthesis speaks for itself. Control - is just too much of a risk. It's made clear that although the Shepalyst would retain the memories and experiences of Shepard, it would NOT be Shepard. I'd be worried about what else went into the Shepalyst's makeup. Equally I'd be concerned about the Shepalyst changing its mind at some point in the future and effectively becoming Catalyst Mk II. Anything that leaves the Reaper fleet intact was unacceptable to me. Destruction was the only realistic way of removing the Reaper threat for good. Yeah, we're left with future potential clashes between Organics and Synthetics, but we've just beaten the Reapers. Is it really very realistic to believe that any synthetic race would get to being as advanced and as powerful as the Reapers without something having to be done about them beforehand? This is assuming that the Catalyst's logic was even sound to begin with......
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