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If they know Khan's blood can resurrect the dead do you think they'll just revive Khan every so often to bleed him and resurrect a few people. Or will it go the way of kironide, the cloaking device Kirk and Spock stole, the Organians - revolutionary discoveries that disappeared after each episode.
And it makes you wonder if Khan tried to revive his wife after she'd been killed by Ceti Eels.

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It just makes it seem like the writers can't come up with iconic phrases on their own.
"Punch it!"

Honestly, if Orci & Kurtzman avoided all TOS catchphrases, people would say, "They missed a perfect opportunity to throw in some TOS catchphrases here."
Yeah, Chewie, punch it! One of the really original catchphrases of Star Trek 2009.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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