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Re: Jem'Hadar Strength

Jem'hadar vs Hirogen is a tough fight, in a 1 on 1 i think it comes down to who is the BETTER of his own, a strong Jem'hadar first would probably kill a hirogen beta, but a hirogen alpha would kill a weak jem'hadar

It also explains why Worf the Uber Klingon could stand against a couple dozen Jem'hadar, one after the other. His fighting skills and conditioning to compensate for the Jem'hadars' superior strength.

Plus, Tuvok may be as strong or stronger than a Hirogen, but still only weighing the same as a human, he is prone to being knocked around like one. We know Romulans posses similar strength levels to their Vulcan cousins, based on Nero single handedly picking up Kirk by the neck, and yet How many times has a human bested a Romulan?

Also, how do we know Tuvok isn't weak for a Vulcan? Or Nero isn't a super strong Romulan. T'pol never demonstrated strength superior to a human male, either. So, assuming all Vulcans (or Romulans, for that matter) have ape-level strength, is false, too.

BTW, the only Trek character who would have a chance against Data in hand to hand is Odo. Data has super human strength, speed, sight, while Odo has superior strength, speed, and shape shifting ability that could match Data. The weakness of Odo would be if he and Data were to fight to a stand still for more than 24 hours with neither gaining the upper hand, Data would just have to wait Odo out, until he is forced to revert to liquid state.

if Data is able to see them cloaked Data has never really demonstrated senses in excess of those of humans - Soong was probably very careful not to make him superhuman in that, umm, sense, so as not to create undue Frankenstein fears. Data can sort out his sensory input better, though (say, listen to half a dozen musical pieces at once). I sort of doubt this would help in seeing through the Jem'Hadar cloaks, as Starfleet never demonstrated any piece of equipment that would be capable of this.
Going by TNG Season 1, Data has eye sight near Geordi levels, but not quite as well.

Timo wrote: View Post
Nicola Tesla, an eccentric supergenius from a century back (very much part of our real world), was a proponent of transmitting electricity through thin air rather than along copper wires. Only recently has practical engineering caught up with him, creating wireless means of charging cell phones (across a distance of just a few inches) or transferring power along microwaves (from one Pacific island to the next so far, but applications from orbit to surface are just around the corner).

Basically, the Federation might have created a wireless power net that would make Tesla proud. This would explain not only Data's "constant recharging" but the fact that we basically never see charging sockets of any sort.

Timo Saloniemi
I am not certain what TNG episode it was, but I seem to remember Data stating he could last some 200 years. Perhaps he has an internal power source capable of lasting that long. Sort of like a terminator. That would seem a more likely explanation.

Now the "reborn Data" in B4's body could be a different matter.

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