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Re: CryEngine 3 Enterprise D playable recreation (early WIP)

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I'm liking everything so far! I know the lighting is probably a work in progress, but everything seems a little too bright.

It's difficult to get good subtle reflections like that in Unreal3. Is it just a matter of changing some settings on a material in CryEngine 3? In Unreal, you have to set up all these image reflection planes and special textures.
Well, the main issue I'm having with lighting is that CryEngine seems to force dynamic planet lighting, I suppose because the engine is usually used for outdoor natural stuff. For this, I don't necessarily want any external lighting to take effect. I want each individual light panel to provide the lights for each section.

As far as the reflections go, this is completely dynamic, you just change the reflectivity properties of the material and tweak it to get it right. Everything is very much WIP at the moment, but it seems to offer everything I need to get it all just right.
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