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Re: References to other Trek MASSIVE SPOILERS!!

Yeah the NX-01 was a neat little thing thrown in. I got all the other model references,but NX-01 is confusing as in in 'A mirror, darkly' it shows a future ship, the defiant, as a prime connie. However, ST:FC - Kelvin incident being the post 'First Contact' timeline fuckaroo, makes sense to have it there.

Other references aside such as beeps and whirs from controls etc, I got the Daystrom line, nurse Chappel, however it's pretty much assumed Kirk had no idea who nurse Chappel was and he was flirting and making it up as if he knew what she was on about.

Not directly a reference but the kelvin memorial hospital in London, the uss Bradbury, probably JJ naming it after the late Ray Bradbury who was a big influence to gene and probably JJ himself.

And obviously the biggest reference is the film itself, a kind of kind of hybrid of Space Seed and TWOK.

More escapes me until a second viewing.
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