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I was just glad they went with the Gorn as the villain instead of doing the safe thing and using Romulans or Klingons. I kinda agree with the radically changing the Gorn origins, but since this is the new timeline I am fine with it. Also, I am probably one of the few that feels this timeline has always been different, even as far back as the Kelvin.
I also think this. I think it is a different universe, long before Nero and Spock showed up.
SPOILER Below........

Sorry to burst your bubble but they make a point of it being the same again in the new movie. When the big reveal of John Harrison being Khan takes place, guess what? They go to the old Spock for information on Khan, thus JJ making another tie to original timeline. One of many throughout this movie. It's the same universe and timeline right up to Nero. The fanboy service is incredible in this regard and I am one of the ones glad they built the new movieverse this way but all the history inlcluding the Gorn remain intact from the original until the branch.

You may think this but clearly the creators of the new movies are bending over backwards to tie old and new together as this being a derivative of the original timeline and everything that occurred up to the point of Nero's arrival being intact.

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