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Re: Will you be able to resist boot legged copies of STID?

If it were released in the U.S. months ahead of the UK, like they used to, I'd fly over to NY for the weekend to watch it. In fact I was at one point going to schedule a DC trip for work this upcoming week, and stay around to watch the premiere at a midnight showing for my second watch. I'm off to Brussels instead though

I grew up in the 90s with a major problem - I'd be on places like, and later trekbbs and trektoday, where us in the UK were months behind.

The last 2 series of DS9 I bought on VHS for $10/episode (I now own both sets on DVD) as it was the fastest way to get my hands on them.

I did download SG1 episodes about 1999, for about a year, at about 20MB per episode. I decided the quality was too poor and the added value of bbs discussion wasn't high enough. From about season 5 onwards I bought them on DVD instead, at about $7 per episode.

It became easier at Uni with a massive 10mbit internet connection and an irc client, so I downloaded the final voyager and most of the first enterprise series, the later wasn't good enough for the effort though, and I still haven't seen all the episodes.

Since then, I've occasionally downloaded an episode of something when the PVR has cocked up.

I've never seen the attraction of bootlegging or downloading films though, or even watching them on TV. If it's awesome I'll watch it at the cinema (a rare luxury with a baby, been twice in the last 12 months, missing out on MIB, Bond, Batman, Les Mis).

If it's good (Skyfall, last Batman) I'll wait for the blueray.

If it's "Meh" (Die Hard) I'll watch it on a plane.

Once they're on Blueray or DVD they're usually about $15 from Asda, it's not worthwhile downloading at that price.
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