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Re: Feeling dejected *spoilers*

The destruction of the Kelvin would have changed so many things that it's very unlikely that the same 7 people would turn up on the same ship, butterfly effect and all, so I think there's certainly some larger "destiny" path flowing through the trek universe. We see it in the mirror universe to a larger extent, especially in the DS9 episodes.

That's the only way I can justify Khan being there. I was expecting to see the botony bay in orbit of Jupiter though, a shame it wasn't.

They could have kept the same storyline, but instead use another of Khan's crew, and I think that would have been better.

When Pegg was holding Spock back, I was expecting "He'll die/he's dead already".

Visuals were let down by the "need" for 3d as usual (I watched in 2D), just like the hobbit. The race through the "abandoned sector" of Kronos, the ridiculously long cargo bay, the debris field at the end

And 5 minutes from Kronos to Earth at warp speed? Then being blasted out of warp 1 light second away from earth? When were they planning on stopping?!

Anyone got a guess on how many were killed when the ship crashed into San Francisco? Buildings toppling like dominos. Based on the earlier attack on the conference room, there's no "emergency beamout" facility even for a dozen of starfleet's "top brass", let alone thousands of people in apartments and offices. This is a far more devastating blow to Starfleet than the destruction of a few ships around Vulcan.

I liked the Section 31 reference too, I didn't like it being "part of starfleet", rather than "part of the federation", but I can forgive these things.

Overall, I'm fairly easy going. I loved Leonard Nimoy's part. I loved Kirk's womanising at the beginning, Bones was bang on as usual. Sulu showing signs of liking the big chair, how long before we see the Excelsior?

And of course Pine with the final "These are the voyages", wonderful.

I didn't like Spock crying though.
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