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Re: Da Vinci's Demons is Complex.

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So, is it true that they're portraying Da Vinci as some sort of a ladies man? I read the synopsis, double checked and gave up on even trying to watch. Tell me it's not true. What's next, Mahatma Gandhi with a machine gun, yelling "Non-violence, motherfuckers!"
As I was watching, I thought... I wonder if they can make a show like this about Jesus.
Hollywood has no esthetic or ethical principles to prevent it. But then we'd see that when their guy's image is treated irreverently Christians get ugly too.

I'm sure the thinking is that it is no more common knowledge that DaVinci was arrested for sodomy or his later life centered on a young man, than it is common knowledge that none of his most exciting machines can work or that he was most (worldly) successful for making the Renaissance version of Disney animatronics.
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