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Re: Is everything before the destruction of the kelvin exactly the sam

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Let's not get carried away here. Spock and Nero time-traveled from their era to their past.
One of the problem I had with the movie is, Nero travel backward, arrived in his own past, and created a alternate timeline.

Spock traveled backwards and didn't arrive in his own past, he arrived in the alternate timeline.

Shouldn't Spock have arrived, when he did arrive, in the past of his own timeline? It seem to me that he should have.
Except it was the same anomaly he entered and it is conceivable it led into the same alternate universe, he just took one exit later.

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Or maybe that mission never happens and as soon as the Narada exits the black hole Data's head disappears from the cave.
Not possible, since the prime timeline still exists even after the Narada goes back. It creates an alternate timeline which branches off from that point, and which does not overwrite the existing one.

And since it is highly unlikely there will ever be an alternate Data (due to the butterfly effect), then in the Abrams timeline, nobody will ever know whose head that is.
There can't be a Data-head in a cave in this timeline. None of the time-travelling that happens in TOS, TNG, DS9 and VOY will ever have happend.

The Narada arrived in a universe/timeline that was already different/changed because of her arrival; the changes "rippled" back in time before Nero and his crew caused any changes because their actions prevented all of the time-travelling we've seen in the other shows movies.

The universe/Federation/Starfleet that is the home of Kelvin and her crew is/was always the world that happens/would have happened without the interference of our oldTrek heroes.

God, I've watched too much Doctor Who.
Give this guy the Captain Annorax Award for successful timeline manipulation.
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