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Another thing has just crossed my mind: Khan was found and revived less than a year prior to STID, and in that relatively short time period he became what he did become? He basically woke up 300 in the future and immediately became a top agent of Section 31 and a starship/weapons designer? Superior intellect or not, but that seems a bit fast. On the other hand, if people can go straight from Cadet to Captain after three years at the academy ... I guess anything is possible.
Augments are fast learners and highly adaptive, it would seem.

The original gang from TWOK was a bunch of people from 1990's, who after spending 300 years in stasis were isolated on Ceti Alpha. Before being put on the Botany Bay (as frozen cargo) they had no idea of space travel, I suppose. Yet - it was no trouble at all for them to comandeer a Miranda class starship and take it to war.

In ENT the augments comandeer a Bird Of Prey, make repairs to it and take it into battle against the Klingons and NX-01. One has to asume that Soong tought them Klingonese before, as they don't have any trouble in operating the ship, an alien ship. Again, it's all guys from the 1990's.

In the mirror episodes of ENT the NX crew, 22nd century people experienced in space had no idea how to assemble the Defiant, merely 100 years more advanced than what they already knew of warp drive and the rest of the technology (Tucker's line about him feeling like he was an engineer from a steamship etc.)
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