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Re: 7X11 The Crimson Horror(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS

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Don't give a shit, Doctor Gloom. I was entertained.

Well we shall see what the numbers are like when the final figures come in, I’m not sure where this idea of lacklustre word of mouth going into the episode came from, I’d heard it was going to be a good one and frankly I wasn’t disappointed. Best episode of the half series so far for me, and an awful lot of my friends have said the same thing.

Ratings may be down but Who still seems to consistently be one of the BBC’s top ten shows as far as I can tell and whilst some of this drop off could be attributed to the split seasons etc., and hence the responsibility of Steven Moffat (the nefarious super villain also responsible for global warming, world poverty and Justin Beiber) I do think some drop off over time was inevitable, even if RTD had stayed (in fact I think it might have been more pronounced if RTD had stayed unless he’d radically changed the style because it was getting a little repetitive).

It’s still very popular, it’s just not all bright shiny and new any more.
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