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Re: References to other Trek MASSIVE SPOILERS!!

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The NX-01 amongst Admiral Bastard's desk models.
Right next to the NX-Alpha from ENT: "First Flight" and the Ringship Enterprise XCV-330 from background art in The Motion Picture and Enterprise. I think I also saw a model of ENT's "warp delta" from the opening credits but am not 100% sure.

I loved that they managed to answer the four-year fan debate about Enterprise's place in both timelines with something so minor that fitted perfectly into the scene.
Any other nods anyone noticed?
Too many to count, including them taking Harry Mudd's ship to Kronos and McCoy's mention of the Gorn. I loved them all right up until a certain someone yelled a certain something that took me right out of the film with it's unimaginable awfulness. But it's got it's own thread.
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