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Re: 24 returns as limited series

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The terrorism thing seems to have become a tired tv/movie cliche after a decade. Not so compelling anymore.
The creator of 24 went on to make Homeland, one of the most award winning shows in years.

Terrorism isn't cliche, 24 is.
"Make" is a liberal description of buying the scripts off the Israelis, which isn't an awful thing to do at all, but it did mean that the pulse of this show is two years in the past compared to the airing of Homeland.
'Buying the scripts off' is misleading. As I understand it, the original show featured POWs returning and adjusting to civilian life but the whole idea of one of them having been turned and acting as a double agent was the invention of the US version. And arguably it's Brodie's amiguity which has proven the real hook of the American series.

On-topic, I think this is a good way to bring back Jack. I was a big fan of the show but it had arguably reached the end of the line by the weak 8th season (its excellent final 3rd notwithstanding). It was hard to see where they could go with another series (even if they hadn't come up with that ending). I always had my doubts about the viability of a movie (without the real-time concept it would just have been indistinguishable from Taken or the likes) but I did say some time ago that I thought they could bring it back as telemovies or miniseries. This limited series idea sounds workable to me.
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