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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I just watched the writers room extra. Wow. I'd say aside from the cast reunion, this was incredibly interesting for a long time fan like me. As much as we discuss these episodes and the actors/characters, we never get to really hear from the people who made it all happen in the first place. It really was like a fraternity with all those guys being so young, but they had a great leader in Piller and also in Taylor. I really like how Naran broke all four of them down based upon their types of of stories because its really very accurate. I think I enjoyed hearing from Ron Moore the most. If I could pick one guy to lead the franchise again, it'd be him.
I am feeling the same way. The Writer's Room special might be the best extra they ever produced for these kind of releases. I enjoyed it immensely! I loved the length of this and even wished it would be longer. All of these guys have great chemistry and it was easy to imagine how they worked together.

One tiny little thing that bugged be, though: I wish they would have talked a little more about DS9. Sure, this is a TNG release, but both Ron and René wrote great stuff (or even better stuff) for DS9 as well and it would have been nice to acknowledge that. But maybe we get a Writer's Room special for DS9, too. I would LOVE that!
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