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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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From William Shatner's 78-deck Enterprise.
I'll add to that, this picture of the Enterprise-A's shuttlebay which is the same size as the one in TOS-R:
So, wait a sec here, King-o. I may be a bit slow, but one thing I'm not is a bit slow. You first dismiss with not-so-apparent disdain "Shatner's 78-deck Enterprise," yet in the same breath you use Shatner's shuttle bay as a canon comparison to the nu-Enterprise's shuttle bay.

Help me understand this, since the only time we've ever seen the 1701's shuttle bay (apart from TMP, where it's much bigger), is in Shatner's horribly un-canon movie? You use as evidence... evidence that you yourself discredit?
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