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Re: All right, all you JJ-haters! Put your money where your mouth is!

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...people can forgive the first 10 movies for being more action-oriented or less cerebral than the series simply because they were a continuation of the series. Each of the TOS and TNG movies were a small part of a larger work - episodes you don't think are the best, but can forgive because you love the series.

The JJ movies are not connected to a television series - they're out there alone, bearing the Trek torch. This, for good or for bad, opens them up to a lot more scrutiny.
Well, yes and no. The TNG movies could be (and probably were) construed as a continuation of the TV series because they began as soon as the series ended, and DS9 and its successors were on the air. (During the release of First Contact, both DS9 and Voyager were in the midst of their runs; likewise for Insurrection.)

By contrast, the original-cast movies began 10 years after the series left NBC and (until the fifth one) were released with no Trek on TV other than old reruns. So much time had passed that several of the scripts mentioned the fact outright. I would consider those movies to be "out there alone" more than a continuation of the original series; neither Shatner's TMP Kirk nor his TWoK Kirk much resembled his 1960s incarnation, nor did they resemble each other very much (and it wasn't just the difference in uniforms).
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