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Star Trek: Into Darkness Discussion [**NO SPOILERS PLEASE**]

Hey everyone,

I see all of these threads about the movie coming out, and while I want to discuss the movie, speculate, and what have you, I can't possibly do it in these threads because they have so many major spoilers, and for me (Ohio, USA), the movie won't be out for another 5 days.

So please, if anyone wants to discuss the movie, without spoilers, I'd rather it be here rather than the spoilertastic threads elsewhere.

Which reminds me, did anyone else watch Benedict Cumberbatch's appearance on David Letterman this evening? I've never really watched him in anything, but just from the few clips and trailers I've seen, he looks like he's going to be a fantastic villain.

Tomorrow, he has Chris Pine, and so I'll be watching that too. If all goes well, I'll be at the advanced screening Wednesday at Midnight (well, okay, Thursday at 12:01 AM), and I can't wait.

One of my friends who is going with me is worried the movie will be terrible, due to one of his friends, who is a Star Trek fan, who saw it this past week and was "disappointed."

I told him that it's best just to see it for himself and make his own decisions, because every Trek fan is going to react differently to this movie. Hopefully, the experience will be very positive. If not, I'll be disappointed, though I won't rant, rave, or hate on it. However, I have a feeling the movie will be top notch, and I'm going in with fair to good sized expectations.

Anyone else?

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