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If you'd paid attention you'd have noticed that all this ties in with the theme "what would you do for your family".

Again you weren't paying attention. Marcus gave Kirk the Enterprise back, because he thought he could use the hot-head youngster as the perfect fall-guy for his war-plans.

This wouldn't make much sense.
Marcus operates from a position of strength. Why would he sacrifice that position by placing himself in the centre of things?
He tries to use Kirk and the Enterprise to instigate his war with the Klingons.

Who says this is Kirk's movie alone?
Besides, they killed the villain last time, and people where complaining.
Now the keep Khan alive, and people start complaining about that.

It's a warship built for Marcus' planned war against the Klingons. What's so fanwank-y about it?
I've just seen the moderation intervention directed at me, in addition to you, for the narky tone you took with my review and someone else's post.
After you were asked to desist from disrupting the thread with bickering and sniping, this continuation earns you a warning for trolling. Comments to PM, if you please.
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