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Just watched it last night.

Is it possible to enjoy a film and yet not like it at the same time?

It was right on the edge of what you would expect of a Star Trek film. It was still a Star Trek film. Just.

This really is the Summer-movie blockbuster version of Star Trek. There is a lot to like about this movie - they really took it to another level and they almost got away with it. I can forgive them playing loose with canon, treknology and the odd co-incidence and gap in logic as the movie was pretty enjoyable.


The "death sequence" was right on the line of acceptability (I like the idea of a role reversal and I don't mind them riffing on the original scene if done right) but "that line" from Spock stepped right over it.


That was too much. That was a mistake. Didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I mean, the entire sequence is supposed to tap into the emotional notes that the first movie hit but it just left me cold. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel emotional about a scene that plays almost word-for-word like the original. Not in a million trillion years are they going to kill off Kirk. The "magic blood" was so obvious it was running through my head as Kirk drew his last breath.

I liked the dude on the bridge with a hole in his head and I liked that the gold skinned chick got a line of dialogue. Pine and Quinto were good. Eve showed promise. Cumberbatch was incredible.

Overall - I liked it as a film, but not as a Star Trek one. Maybe. I dunno. Trust me, this film will leave a lot of people scratching their heads.

Also - something was changed in the edit at the end of the film. One year later? What the hell was that all about - it doesn't feel like one year later on the bridge. All that "nice of you to join the crew" business with Marcus. It feels like originally it was going to be 6 weeks later or something and then they changed it to a year to give them time to rebuild the Enterprise.

Thats a minor niggle. The major ones hurt more. More than ever this films convinced me that trek needs to come back to TV.
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